Chapter Lead & Senior Developer

You want to work with nice people, a fresh tech stack and a challenging product space, as do we, and we think that we do. 

We have since our inception provided technology solutions to prominent multinational betting and gambling companies, out of our Gothenburg office and as a result of hard work we are now growing to be able to keep up with demand! We are focused on R&D and developing new products, where a strong camaraderie and curiosity are an important foundation to building focus and knowledge. Essentially, we treat each other like friends should – we fail together and we learn together, so that we may win together. 


We primarily build next generation technical solutions and systems in the Sportsbook space, which enable sports fans to bet on their favourite teams or anticipated outcomes on their mobile phones, making for an even more exhilarating experience. 


As a Chapter Lead you will be a key person with regards to building, gelling and making teams excel. Likely you enjoy mentoring and spreading knowledge, as well as coming up with improvements - be they technical or social.  

You will lead as opposed to manage, you will inspire as opposed to steer, you will need to listen a lot more than you speak and you will certainly influence... with finesse. 

As a senior developer and a role model you will work on R&D endeavours that utilize the (usually latest) technologies befitting the problem at hand. Having a strong foundational understanding and being able to navigate through the full stack is important, as technologies change, in order to keep abreast. 

While we cannot tell you exactly what technologies your chapter members will need to adopt, perhaps past technologies we have used will give a hint, as we today rely on e.g. React.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, C#, Python, .NET Core, Node.js, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Elastic and Grafana.

We believe that having a strong foundational understanding and skill base is crucial for effectively evaluating and assimilating new technologies. We are driven by our passion during exploration and objective reasoning when we make our decisions. 


We hope that you, like us, like to share your knowledge generously and come to genuinely care for your colleagues and as you do for your craft. We are a diverse bunch, and prefer communicating in English to keep everyone included. Most of us have an academic degree as well as many years of working experience in IT. Whether that is the case with you or if you have acquired your proficiency some other way does not matter – what matters is that we are equals.

Being the team lead for Combination's first team in Barcelona will likely be as challenging as it will be rewarding. We are keen on building a culture that is rooted in our strengths, while having a distinct Barcelona flavour - in hopes of creating a wonderful hybrid. Being a curious observer and keen listener is of utmost importance, as you will be one of the key driving forces for forging this unique culture. Apart from being a role model developer for your immediate colleagues, being largely responsible for seamlessly integrating this team with your Swedish colleagues will truly test your abilities. 


This is an ongoing recruitment, and if the ad is visible then we are still accepting applications.


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